Ben Thompson is an award-winning anchor & reporter who came to Charlotte in 2006. In March 2011, he joined NBC Charlotte.

Whether it's at the anchor desk or out in the field, Ben loves the adrenaline rush of the day's big story or breaking news. And he loves the variety that comes with the job.

"I get paid to meet fascinating people, study socially-relevant issues, and champion the causes of those without a voice. I'm living a news junkie's dream," he said.


Ben came to WCNC from NBC News. Prior to that, Ben served as anchor and reporter at the ABC station in Charlotte. Along his professional journey, Ben also worked in New York, Tennessee, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

A proud graduate of NYU, Ben spent his early years as a journalist interning and learning from the best in the business at NBC's Today
show, MSNBC's The News with Brian Williams, and CBS News.

Away from work, Ben still has an information obsession. He enjoys a long list of political blogs, websites, and newscasts. When he puts down the iPad or the remote, he loves exploring new places. For Ben, the perfect vacation likely involves immersion into a foreign culture and satisfying his natural curiosity. Here at home, Ben loves to indulge in Charlotte's restaurant scene, and as a result, you can find him hitting the gym regularly.

Ben lives with his family in Dilworth.

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