CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- One of the most anticipated video games of the holiday season finds itself embroiled in controversy over what's called 'micro-transactions.'

Star Wars 'Battlefront II' originally planned on charging players real money to 'un-lock' iconic characters like Darth Vader. Players who didn't want to pay extra would have to put in very long hours to earn enough 'credits.'

The company announced this week it is temporarily turning off all in-game purchases in "Star Wars Battlefront II" in response to the negative sentiment from the gaming community. Local gamers in Charlotte added their frustrations.

EA Star Wars issuing a statement on Twitter that reads in part: "Sorry we didn't get this right."

"That's the future of gaming. Buy one copy and pay extra for DLC." said Joshua Maione. D-L-C Stands for downloadable content. "The pullback will help sales. Canceling of the extra charges should help the game go."

"Probably the biggest slap in the face to gamers." said Wilder Hamm, Owner of Point Save Video Games. "It's like $2,100 to unlock everything in the game. Which is absolutely unheard of for a $60 game."

Hamm says the micro-charges upset fans because the playing field isn't fair simply because some players are willing to pay more.

Some shoppers NBC Charlotte say the extra costs are one more reason to consider if the hot new game is worth buying for love ones this holiday shopping season.

"Yeah, I think it's important for people to do other activities." said consumer Ashley Roberts.

Hamm says parents need to learn more about the games they buy for the kids.

"It helps to do any kind of research that you can do to know a game before it comes out. Read reviews on it."

Battlefront II costs nearly $60 in most stores.