CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Weeks after a rapper says he dodged dozens of shots in a gunfight in uptown Charlotte, he plans to release an album chronicling the ordeal.

Back in February, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police responded to a call of 100 shots fired in uptown. Investigators found dozens of shells casings and evidence of a high-powered weapon.

Shortly after the incident, a rapper named Young Dolph claimed he was the target of the violence. He says he was riding in an SUV with bulletproof panels and that's how he was able to dodge the gunshots.

Now, Young Dolph is planning on releasing an album on April 1 titled "Bulletproof."

The album contains tracks like: "100 Shots," "In Charlotte," "But I'm Bulletproof."

Local radio station DJ Vonyetta says she believes the rapper is trying to profit from a headline-grabbing ordeal.

"Nowadays, in the music world that we are in when incidents happen, you have to capitalize and cash in as soon as you can," she says.

Police have been relatively tight-lipped about the shootout. No arrests have been made.

Vonyetta says Power98 listeners are already talking about the album. Many questioning whether the shootout in Charlotte was a publicity stunt.

Vonyetta says she hopes that's not the case.

"It was the grace of God that no one was injured," she says.

And while the DJ wants to hear the album, she can think of 100 reasons why she wishes the shooting never happened.

"It's a bad look," she says. "The incident itself definitely does nothing positive for the city."