Bacon Mac n Cheese Recipe


1- 16 oz box of penne pasta

1-loaf of fresh Italian bread

1- 16 oz package of Bacon

1- block of 32 oz Velveeta cheese (won't use it all:)

1-quart of heavy cream

4- cups of sharp cheddar

2- sticks of butter

(Not necessary...but you could get Green onions for the top)

Night before or morning of:

-Cub up loaf of Italian bread

-Cut up bacon and cook and crisp up in a skillet on stage stop.

  • pour the bacon grease and bacon on top of cubed bread and leave overnight. (A little pepper, too)

Mac n Cheese

-boil Pasta in salted and oiled water( be careful not to overcook...since it will back, too)

The Sauce (on medium heat and don't look away:)

1- spoonful of bacon grease

1-stick of butter

3/4 of block of velveeta cubed up and added)

Add heavy cream (be careful not to make too thin)

And then two cups of sharp cheddar

Melt all together (don't bring to boil and watch so it doesn't scorch....never walk away while making the sauce)

Add a little pasta water or heavy cream if it's too think

Drain pasta and in a buttered baking dish....mix the sauce with the pasta

Melt a stick of butter and add the bread crumbs...toss all together and then add to the top of baking dish (mix in sharp cheddar cheese if you like)

Cook at 400 for about 20 minute and and keep checking (make sure bread crumbs don't burn:)

Add some fresh chopped green onions or diced fresh tomatoes to the top when you serve...to fancy it up:)

I hope you love this recipe!

Email me with any questions: beckycjustice@gmail.com