Maple Braised Bacon

Serves 2

8 oz Slab Bacon, cut in 2 4 oz portions.

2 c Pure Maple Syrup

2 c Water

2 c Heirloom Grits (go to the farmers market)

2 qts buttermilk

Hot sauce

1 c 4 year old cheddar cheese

1 ea head of endive

2 ea pickled peppers or fresh

2 ea eggs

1 t oil and vinegar


Combine, braise in a 300* oven for 4 hours.


Smoke 2 cups of grits over a fire or use a Smoking Gun for 30 minutes.

Soak grits in 2 quarts of buttermilk overnight. Then the next day, drain out and fill pan with half gallon of water and 4 oz butter. Cook until soft, finish with grated extra sharp (at least 4 years old) cheddar cheese and hot sauce to taste.


Slice the chickory or endive thin, season with salt. Add the peppers and dress with oil and vinegar of your choice (I use Texas Olive oil and honey vinegar).


Heat your pan over medium low heat, add butter, add egg and cook while basting.

To serve-

Remove the bacon from the syrup (reserve) and sear in a hot pan until dark brown all over. Drizzle a little syrup in the pan once hot. Heat the grits, spoon in to a heated bowl, top with the bacon, the egg and add the salad to the top.

Serve immediately, reserve the maple syrup and make yourself a Whisky based cocktail and eat like a KING!