National OJ Day Key Messaging

·         May 4th marks National OJ Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of Florida Orange Juice!

o   With every glass of Florida Orange Juice you’re getting the Amazing 5 benefits – Vitamin C, Potassium and Folate, all with great taste and no sugar added!

o   An 8 oz. glass of Florida Orange Juice counts as one of your daily recommended servings of fruit.


·         Here are some fun Florida Orange Juice-inspired recipes you can create to celebrate National Orange Juice Day:

o   Easy 15-Minute Nachos: Make mealtime preparation a family activity by cooking fun, easy nachos in just 15 minutes. These kid-approved nachos feature the amazing taste of Florida Orange Juice.

o   Florida OJ Sunburst Smoothie: When you need a quick but nutritious after school snack for your child, try this delicious tip to add sunshine to your kid’s day. Discover the healthy benefits Florida Orange Juice delivers every day.

o   Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs: Kid-friendly dinners can sometimes be difficult to find. This flavorful recipe using Florida Orange Juice can be the centerpiece for any meal. 

o   Frozen Yogurt Bites: Summer is right around the corner! Give your kids a cool, nutritious treat they will love using Florida Orange Juice. These bites are easy to create and kids love this healthy snack from start to finish.


·         Links to recipes can be found here:

o   Easy 15-Minute Nachos

o   Florida OJ Sunburst Smoothie

o   Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs

o   Frozen Yogurt Bites


·         The Florida Department of Citrus is celebrating National OJ Day by giving their fans some Amazing prizes. 

o   Simply go to the Florida Orange Juice Facebook or Instagram page and comment how you like your Florida Orange Juice using #HowDoYouFLOJ – with pulp, without pulp, with ice. I prefer mine without pulp but it’s interesting to see how everyone drinks their Florida Orange Juice each day. 


·         Additionally, please visit FloridaJuice.com to learn more about the Amazing 5 and Florida Orange Juice recipes to try at home.