Ted’s Montana Grill: Avalon Burger


·         Ground Bison (or Beef)

·         Fresh Arugula

·         Fresh Brioche Buns

Bacon & Onion Mix

·         2 ½ lbs. Sweet Onions, sliced 1/4 inch thick

·         3 Tbsp. Bacon Fat

·         1 Tbsp. Granulated Sugar

·         ½ Cup Well Done Bacon Chopped 1/2" x 1/2"

·         4 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar

·         1 Tbsp. Ketchup

·         1 Tbsp. + 2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

·         1 tsp Liquid Smoke

·         1 tsp Kosher Salt

·         2 tsp Black Pepper

Garlic Aioli

·         (For roasting Garlic)

·         1 LB Peeled Garlic Cloves

·         ½ Cup Olive/Canola Oil Blend

·         1 Tsp Kosher Salt

·         1 Tsp Dried Thyme

·         ¼ Tsp Black Pepper

·         (For making Aioli)

·         1 Cup Mayonnaise

·         1 ½ Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice

·         ½ Tsp Dijon Mustard

·         ½ Tsp Black Pepper

Step 1: Bacon & Onion Mix

·         Heat bacon fat in a large sauté pan over medium heat, add sliced sweet onions and toss to coat with bacon fat.

·         Cover your pan and slowly cook the onions until they begin to soften; this should take about 10 minutes. Stir the onions often. Be sure to reduce the heat if the onions begin to burn.

·         When the onions start to soften, remove the lid and sprinkle with granulated sugar.

·         Continue cooking the onions until they begin turning golden brown. Again, this should take approximately 10 minutes.

·         Next, add well-done bacon, then continue cooking until onions are golden brown.

·         Continuously stir the onions.

·         Next, in a small bowl, mix Balsamic Vinegar, Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, Kosher salt, and black pepper. 

·         Then add your seasoning mix to the onions.

·         Finally, remove the pan from the heat and place the onion mixture on a large rimmed baking pan to cool. Set aside for later.

Step 2: Roasted Garlic Aioli

·         Start by roasting your garlic. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

·         Get an oven safe pan or dish that can be covered and combine peeled garlic, olive/canola oil blend, kosher salt, dried thyme, and black pepper.

·         Mix together in your pan until garlic is evenly coated, then cover tight with foil and roast in oven for 45 minutes.

·         Once the garlic comes out of the oven, place all contents of the pan into your food processor and puree until smooth.

·         Next, combine the following items in a mixing bowl - garlic puree, mayo, fresh lemon juice, and black pepper. Mix until well blended.

Cooking Procedure:

·         Season your 8oz bison or beef burger with salt and pepper or Lawry’s Season Salt.

·         Set your flat-top grill or pan at 375 degrees. If you have a traditional charbroil grill, place your 8 oz. bison or beef burger on your grill.

·         Be sure to cover your burger (use a heat safe bowl or cover) to keep the meat juicy.

·         Cook the burger for your desired amount of time and then flip, season your burger again, and

·         When you are just shy of your desired burger temperature (i.e.: Medium, Mid-rare, well done), add blue cheese crumbles, shredded gruyere, and top with the bacon onion mix.

·         Then cover your burger again to help the cheese melt. As your cheese is melting you can prepare your brioche bun.

·         Spread an even layer (1 Tbsp.) of your Garlic Aioli on the top part of your brioche bun, and the add about a half cup of arugula on top of the spread.

·         Once your cheese has melted place it on your bottom of your bun.

·         Pair with your favorite side and enjoy!