Cranberry Brussels Sprouts

1 pound of fresh Brussels spouts

1 pound of bacon

1- cup of dried cranberries

2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

-Cut sprouts in fours (smaller bites make it easier to go down:)

-cut bacon in half inch pieces and crisp up in a skillet ( save the grease)

-put cut up sprouts on a baking sheet and and drizzle with bacon grease...the apple cider vinegar and salt/pepper

-Toss and then bake at 4:25 until desired crispness

Put in a serving dish and add the bacon and dried cranberries

**add some roasted walnuts for more crunch

Dipping sauce for Brussels sprouts

2-cups of real cranberries in a saucepan...add sugar to over and cook down....if too bitter...add more sugar.....

So good and so great for Thanksgiving

Instant Mashed Potato

**success every time!**


Idaho instant potatoes(by far the best brand)

4 blocks of cream cheese

2 sticks of butter(1 more just in case:)

1/2 gallon of whole milk

In a sauce pan on high....

Warm while whisking....cream cheese/butter and milk (don’t walk away)

At even the hint of a boil ....turn off burner

And add potato flakes ....whisk or get out your mixer...either one works.....add more flakes(slowly:) if too runny and add more butter or whole milk if too thick ......

Add butter to the top and serve out of a double broiler.....no one likes cold potatoes :)

So so easy and everyone will be fooled....I️ have made believers out of our whole congregation at Lee Park!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Any questions: email at bbeckyjustice@gmail.com