MINNEAPOLIS - "Real, raw, this is who we are -- this is what it is. They don't cut corners, they don't sugar coat a lot of things. Real stories about real people, I connected, I was a bigger kid and connected to what that is like and how you people see you."

That is how Adam Bartley talked about the hit NBC drama 'This is Us' that debuted this fall and has given the network some the best ratings for a new series in 19 years.

Adam plays 'Duke' on the hit show "... who is this kind of bad boy/cowboy that works at a ranch that Kate visits who has a run-in with Kate, and I can spill a little bit and let you know that there is some flirting that may or may not turn into something that causes a rift in her life."

Adam said that Chrissy Metz who plays Kate is amazing.

"Sometimes in the world, you get across these actors that are so serious about their craft and she is this free open loving person and she is just her she is tapping into the goodness of her and her life experience and just sharing it with us, which is so much more powerful acting," he said.

Adam talked about why he thought this show is so popular right now in America.

"For this time whatever side you have been during this political time it has been a tough time for people that at times have been in fist-a-cuffs. This is a show for this time that is really about all of us, that is healing no matter what we think about the country we can all sit down together and watch something that we can all relate to."

You might recognize Adam from his other work. He has appeared numerous times on NCIS and many know him from the hit Netflix series Longmire where he plays 'Ferg' the lovable deputy alongside Robert Taylor.

We look forward to seeing Bartley as 'Duke' in a couple of weeks on "This is Us"!