A new swimsuit has taken a twist on the idea of showing a little skin.

Since posting a contest to win a free "Sexy Chest Swimsuit" less than 24 hours ago, the clothing company Beloved Shirts has taken the internet by storm.

The company is selling multiple one-piece suits that are prints of bodies. Buyers have a range of options including the sexy chest (which also has hair printed on the swimsuit's back), the "Work Out Bod" one-piece, "Pizzakini," "Human Anatomy," and a mermaid one-piece.

(Photo: Beloved Shirts Instagram)
(Photo: Beloved Shirts website)

The swimsuits seem to cause quite a reaction with multiple people re-posting and commenting on the sexy chest contest photo."I really need to win this. It will match my legs and underarms perfectly," one Instagram user commented."Should we get these for lake wear?" another asked a friend.Each swimsuit can be bought online for about $44.95. The unique suit is certainly a new take on a "beach bod." What are your thoughts? Comment and let us know.