CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's the beauty obsession having a major moment; whether bushy, bold, feathered or furrowed, nowadays eyebrows are everything.

They've sparked memes, mottos and entire make-up aisles filled with powders, pencils, stencils and tints promising to give you hashtag worthy brows.

Now a new way to get enviable eyebrows called Microblading is entering mainstream.

NBC Charlotte spoke with Christina Melton of Nue Brows in Dilworth to learn more about the procedure,

"Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where we go in with a handheld tool and make hair strokes into the brow and deposit the ink," said Melton.

While the promise is perfect, product-free brows, Melton said the potential for problems can't be ignored.

"There is a little bit of blood. Some people bleed more than others so you definitely need a clean facility that practices all of the health precautions and safety measures," Melton said.

A handheld tool used in the procedure is made up of super fine needles designed to cut skin in such a precise way, the cuts mimic eyebrow hair.

Melton said the nature of the procedure requires all of the tools used are sterilized and in individual packaging.

While regulations on Microblading differ state to state, in North Carolina, providers must have a Tattooing Permit issued by the Health Department.