CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Medic says it happens every single year.

From people falling off ladders or roofs while decorating for the holidays.

"We do respond to those calls," said Medic spokesperson John Stroup. "The ladder will go one way and they'll go the other."

Fall with injury calls is one the most common calls Medic responds to. Sometimes it's no big deal but other times, Stroup says they are very serious.

"From simply breaking a leg, to hip injuries, to more severe head injury," Stroup said.

Driving around Charlotte, you could find people hanging lights in trees and on homes Friday afternoon.

"I've fallen off ladders before," admitted George Tyree. "I've also fallen off the roof but thankfully, I wasn't too hurt. There wasn't anything below on the ground."

Tyree said he's learned his lesson and doesn't go higher than a few feet in the air while on a ladder.

"Don't follow what I'm doing. Get somebody to help you," said Homeowner Mitchell Kelling as she stood on her latter hanging lights into her front-yard tree. "I do worry about safety all the time. I text my boyfriend when I'm getting on the ladder and I text him when I'm down to say I'm safe."

Medic says to always have a "spotter" at the bottom of the ladder to hold it steady. Also, never lean too far.

Bottomline: if you can't reach it, move the latter closer. While it may feel silly, Medic says to wear a helmet while on a ladder, or up on the roof. Medic says if you should need it, you will be glad you had it.

The Consumer Product Safetly Commision reports roughly 15,000 people in the U.S. end up in the Emergency Room from holiday-related injuries.