CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- October's wildly warm temperatures are throwing everything off, including your lawns.

Until we can get some cooler nights and moisture in the soil, there are some things you can do to help.

It's been unusually warm, with not a lot of rainfall across the Carolinas. Similar to last year, we got rain around Labor Day weekend and mother nature has been very stingy with rain lately.

Sarah Fortner caught up with Nate Leadenham, a field manager at Killingsworth Lawn Care, and he explained how our clay soils harden up without rain and aeration gets very difficult.

Pay attention homeowners: because you might be doing it all wrong. Lots of folks are watering less and it’s not quite the time to do that. As long as you’re mowing your lawn, grass will continue to grow.

October’s normal climate is just right for seeding fescue grass. It leaves plenty time to develop and mature over the fall, winter and spring. Also, be ready for summer 2018.

So far this month’s morning temps should be around 52 degrees but so far, we're closer to 60 degrees; with some mornings starting near 75!

That’s tough for grass this time of year and can cause stress if the warmth prolongs.

Bottom line: keeping watering your lawn and aerate the ground as needed for seeding.

Other things to remember is that the time to water is early morning. With about an inch and half a week!