DENVER, N.C. -- A Lincoln County 6-year-old losing his eye sight to cancer has gained the support of an entire community.

Braylon Beam is pretty special, dancing his way through chemo.

When we first met Braylon Beam, we interrupted an autograph session.

"I gave like 5 people an autograph today," he told us, grinning.

The kindergartner at Rock Springs Elementary in Denver is battling cancer. He has a tumor on his optic nerve and he's losing his vision.

"I worry if this eye gets worse both of them will not be good and I might run into something."

But that's about all he worries about when it comes to himself. His dad will tell you this 6 year old is much more concerned about everyone else.

Dad Jesse, a PE teacher, told NBC Charlotte, "He is a grown man in a little body. He is mature, makes you laugh, never sits around. It's always, 'How can I make you laugh?'"

His parents rely on his sweet nature to help them cope.

"It's our only son, you can imagine. You don't want anything. You're helpless and you're trying to find the best thing for him." It is only then, seeing his dad emotional, that Braylon get's upset.

"Don't worry, it's alright. It's alright, honey," his dad says, comforting him.

Usually these two are all smiles, even at Braylon's chemo treatments. The two perform dance routines at the clinic.

"We pick a song and we try to work on it at home and if it doesn't turn out too well, we'll wing it."

They break dance to Bruno Mars, bunny hop through the clinic, bust a move -- even if they're moves are sometimes a little busted."

"Our dancing hasn't got any better but we have fun doing it."

They share the videos, trying to give back to the community that has given them so much.

"The community of Denver has just picked us up and put us on their shoulders."

There are several fundraisers planned and Make a Wish will make Braylon, a huge Panthers fan, coach for the day.

"I'm just gonna have fun with them."

"You're gonna have fun with them. Are you gonna be hard on them?"


If it gets too rough, the Panthers will just have to take a cue from their temporary coach.

"What do you have to be to beat cancer," his dad asks? "Be brave," Braylon resonded.

If you'd like more information or to help, you can check out the family's fundraising page at :