It is a rare look into the tough stuff – a 6 year old battling cancer.

Many NBC Charlotte viewers reached out after our story last week on Braylon Beam, the kindergartner dancing through his chemo treatments.

His family invited us back on a day when they were expecting big news about his cancer – wanting to show the very real and difficult struggle these families face.

Braylon is often smiling, giggling, dancing. He gets through his chemo treatments at a dance party every Friday.

So it was something of a shock when we found Braylon, who has a tumor behind his eye that's taking away his vision, slumped in his dad's arms.

"It's okay honey. It's all part of it and you're doing awesome, you know that?" his dad says Jesse says, trying to calm him.

They started at 6 Friday morning at St. Jude Affiliate Clinic Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital with an important MRI that would tell them if the cancer was spreading.

They wanted our cameras there, to document the challenges so many families face.

"People need to see what happens. There's other families struggling, people need to know that."

Braylon was exhausted from the three hour MRI and sick to his stomach from the medicine they used to sedate him.

"He got up a little groggy, he tried to smile and joke, he wound up getting sick, been throwing up for 45 minutes."

His dad tries desperately to soothe his son. "Love you honey, love you," he says, while patting Braylon's face with a wet towel.

And then the 6 year old conked out completely, the weekly dance party clearly on hold.

"He was excited about our dance, the Pitbull dance, I don't know if we'll get to it today or not."

He slept for three and a half hours.

"When he woke up he said we need to dance, it's time to dance. He said its time to dance because it's Friday."

It was a huge relief to his dad.

"Oh it was, it was amazing."

Braylon recruited back up dancers – two PTO ladies from school that had come to visit, and a fellow patient from the clinic.

"You can just have fun with people," Braylon explained.

Dad told the dance crew, "Just do whatever Braylon does, that's what we usually do."

There was even a little twerking, though Braylon wasn't so sure.

"That's twerking? That's twerking! Oh my gosh," he laughed.

"That's Braylon, I think that's why people have fallen in love with Braylon," his dad said.

We asked, "Why do you think you have a whole audience watching you?"

"Because I'm famous," Braylon told us.

Actually, we think it's probably more because of the way he's handling the fight.

His dad asked, "What do you have to do to beat cancer?"

Braylon responded, "Be brave."

His bravery is no doubt helping beat cancer.

The results of that all important MRI?

"Came back and said his spine was clean and there's no progression in his optic nerve. Just fantastic news, best news we've had in a long time, fantastic, feel like the weight is off my shoulders – just amazing," dad said.

One more reason to dance.

If you'd like to help the family, you can check out their fundraising page.