CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A new warning for drivers of Ford Explorers. The national highway traffic safety administration is expanding its investigation into reports of carbon monoxide leaks in Ford SUVs.

“Something didn’t smell right. We started to hear reports of this exhaust leak,” said one driver.

The agency is looking more into than 2,700 complaints of Ford Explorer models 2011-2017. Forty one injuries have been reported in that time.

It’s perhaps most popular among the nation’s law enforcement. In Austin Texas, more than 60 officers filed workers compensation claims in the last five months, citing exposure to carbon monoxide.

The decision has been made that we’re going to remove the Ford Explorer from the city’s fleet,” an Austin PD spokesperson said.

Twenty officers had detectable levels of the dangerous gas in their system.

Officers with CMPD told NBC Charlotte they are aware of the recall and have removed two vehicles from their fleet. The process of installing carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in 154 of its 2011-2015 models has begun.

Ford issued a statement in response to the carbon monoxide levels:

Safety is our top priority. We have not found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in regular Ford Explorers. To address police customers who drive modified vehicles in unique ways, we will cover the costs of specific repairs in every Police Interceptor Utility that may have carbon monoxide concerns.

Customers with concerns about Explorers should call their hotline at 888-260-5575 or visit their local Ford dealership.