The Botox business is booming bigger and bigger every day. But, what’s next in line in popularity?


Thanks to celebrities and reality TV stars, lip injections keep gaining in popularity. So, a Charlotte plastic surgeon is trying to capitalize on this growing trend.

Appearance is pretty much Mckenzie Bowers' business. The 22-year-old is a model.

“I’ve always had very small lips. I want bigger lips,” she says. She’s not alone.

Lip injections are second only behind Botox nationwide. That's also the case at this Charlotte plastic surgeon's office.

“I think it has a lot to do with what they see on TV, what's going on In Hollywood,” said Grace Anglin, a nurse practitioner at Capizzi MD. "We see a lot of people bring in photos of celebrity lips they like."

They see a lot of photos of celebrities like Kyle Jenner, as well as the Kardashian clan.

“A lot of people bring in photos including her. Some people say, 'I want my lips to have the same volume.' Others say, 'This is not the volume I want,'” Anglin explained.

And it’s not just about volume; some want to get more definition. Others want to get rid of fine lines.

So at Capizzi MD, they’re capitalizing on the growing trend by making it as easy as possible.

They do what's called a 'Botox Bar,' where people can just pop in and get a deal. Now, they're offering what's called a "lip lab."

The whole thing takes about 30 minutes. You can be in and out, and back to work. And, get this: you can see the results immediately.

“I give patients a mirror. They can tell me, 'Let's make the other side meet that,'” said Anglin.

Lip lab runs July 17-28. During that time, patients can walk in without an appointment and take advantage of special deals.