PINEVILLE, N.C. -- If you shop at Carolina Place Mall then you have probably seen people on a wild goose hunt, not for the latest deals but actual geese.

A pair of Canada's finest fowl have taken up real estate in a patch of grass in the mall's parking lot.

One is a nesting female, the other is a presumed male and protective father. Together, the pair spends their days in the parking lot with Mother Goose sitting on her nest and Father Goose protecting mom and her soon-to-be baby geese.

Planning for parenthood can be stressful. Fortunately, the Canada geese have friends looking out for them across the parking lot at the AT&T Store.

"We had someone who parked right in front of them and my manager actually wrote a note, asking them to not park here," said Shanna Goode, a sales rep at the store.

Apparently, the geese have made a habit of making Carolina Place Mall their home.

"The goose comes here almost every year for the past ten years," said Jessica Meneses, a retail sales consultant at AT&T.

The mall declined to comment but they are accommodating the geese by putting caution tape and traffic cones around the nest.