HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- It was a roller coaster of a day in Huntersville.

As Christmas trees go up and the season draws near, the town's Christmas icon disappeared.

"They took everything," said Bill Suthard, the PIO for the Huntersville Fire Department.

The beloved "Cone Weed," featured locally and nationally, was removed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation on Tuesday, for reasons unknown.

"Nobody has ever reached out to us saying it was a safety issue or it was dangerous."

The traffic cone, presents, and even the ornaments were ripped up and removed.

"There's a lot of people upset," said Suthard.

The plant was a source of pride for Huntersville. It became classroom decor at Barnette Elementary, a country song, and even a shirt.

As of Sunday night, the "Cone Weed" had raised more than $7,000 for families in need.

The season of giving bloomed with the weed that grew out of a traffic cone.

“We have that in our hearts and we can continue it on from here, cone weed or not.”

Monday afternoon, the NCDOT caught word of how much the Cone Weed was loved, and they returned everything that was removed.

On top of that, Huntersville Fire announced Tuesday that fundraising from the past week for Cone Weed to help local families in need raised a hefty amount of $14,600.

Let Christmas commence.