CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Friday featured an emotional introduction between Ash Williams and Kiesha Lastrapes.

"I can't believe it. I can't, you don't even know me and you came to me," Kiesha told Ash.

Two nights ago, Kiesha was in the Mecklenburg County Jail and with a court date set for June 2nd for breaking and entering charges she was sure she wouldn't see her four-year-old son on Mother's day until Williams and the group called Charlotte Uprising bailed her out.

Lastrapes was one of six women in Charlotte who had their bail posted.

"It's too good to be true," said Kiesha. "I'm Ms. TMZ. I know everything but I didn't know this."

The Mama's Day Bail Out Action was revolutionized by Southerners On New Ground (SONG).

Charlotte is one of seven cities to join the movement.

Ash Williams is one of the organizers of Charlotte Uprising. They began the process of canvassing the community to find out which mothers would be the first to get bail.

"Black women and black moms are so important to our communities and to our families," said Williams. "It means a lot to have them reunited."

The group raised $23,000 to make bail and pay for lodging, clothes, and other necessities for the mothers and Williams says this is just the beginning of a deep relationship with these Mothers and Charlotte Uprising is hoping to continue to help others.

As for Kiesha, she's excited to spend mother's day with her son and she hopes to join the movement and assist other mothers.

"There is someone out here that can help you. I'm living proof!"