CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As if we didn't already have enough flavors to be addicted to, Pringles has done it again.

The potato chip company partnered with Nissin to miraculously turn a bowl of Top Ramen Chicken flavored noodles into a stack of thin, crispy chips, and people are loving it.

"These are dangerously addictive, just like Top Ramen. It tastes like they took the actual seasoning in Top Ramen and applied it to chips, and whatever Pringles genius came up with that idea deserves all my love," Emma told Cosmopolitan.

"These Pringles take me back to my disgusting college dorm room, in the best possible way," she said.

So where can you get these savory chips of joy? Check out your nearest Dollar General, where they're exclusively being sold for just $1.50.

"This all seems too good to be true," you say. Well, there is indeed some sad news - this new flavor is out on the shelf for a limited time only.

My advice - run like the wind to your nearest Dollar General. And do it now.