CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Is there anything better than a hot, crispy piece of fried chicken on a summer day?

Well, it's time to set your diet aside and indulge in some greasy goodness because Thursday is National Fried Chicken Day! And while there are a lot of great places in the Queen City to grab some chicken, there's one spot creating quite the buzz.

On any given day at lunchtime, you can find a line out the door at the Quik Shoppe on East Boulevard. Not to pay for gas, but for the fried chicken.

"They've usually heard about it by word of mouth, and they're usually back," said Quik Shoppe Food Stores president Bobby Spivey. "From then on, they come back."

Spivey and his father started making the delicious chicken in 1982. Now, it's sold daily at their five Quik Shoppe locations around Charlotte. And it's served up 24/7, or at least until the chicken runs out. Always fresh and never frozen, Spivey said.

Of course, the convenience store has some stiff competition with Price's Chicken Coop a couple blocks away and of course, Bojangles', but Bob says it's never been about winning. It's about giving the people something tasty.

"It's a good mix of people coming in, enjoying good food," Spivey said.

To find some of the best fried chicken across the Carolinas, you can pick up the newest map that was released in Charlotte Thursday. A perfect way to celebrate this delicious holiday!