USATODAY asked Yelp how to find the best restaurant in each state (and Washington D.C.) and the platform used an algorithm combining users' ratings and reviews (and excluding chains) to give us these standout eateries.

The leader in each state may come as a surprise or simply reveal what's commonly reviewed on the platform.

The list selected KoKyu Na'Mean in Durham as North Carolina's best restaurant.

On Yelp, the restaurant categories include barbecue, sandwiches and Korean food and has 224 reviews and five stars.

According to KoKyu Na'Mean's website, "Kokyu Inc was established in Durham, NC in 2010 by Chef David "Flip" Filippini as a side project to Down to Earth Catering and his Professional Culinary Instructor position."

"A Trendsetter in the local food truck scene, Flip and KoKyu gained national recognition almost immediately. Fli's cuisine epitomizes modern Asian with eclectic international flair."

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