CHARLOTTE, N.C. - With a check for $50,000 to the Levine Children's Hospital, Hyundai Hope On Wheels stepped up to help children battling cancer.

The hospital says the money will fund research into better treatment methods for children in the fight of their lives.

“Throughout the country, talented doctors are working tirelessly to help kids fight cancer by conducting research or providing bedside care,” said Scott Fink, chairman, Hyundai Hope On Wheels Board of Directors.

“Our goal at Hope On Wheels is to provide these doctors with the grant funds they need to perform their lifesaving work. Superheroes come in all forms, but for children and families battling cancer, superheroes wear lab coats.”

"This is amazing for us. Just to be healthy enough to take part celebratory events like this." said Rea Copp, Mother of Sophia diagnosed with a form of leukemia.

"What they do here on daily basis is perform small miracles everyday."

Hospital officials say the money will be put to use 'in a matter of days.'

So far, Hyundai has donated nearly $130 Million dollars in total grant funding over the last 19 years helping kids to fight cancer.