Mid-July in York, South Carolina is hot, but inside a mobile home without air conditioning is extreme.

"It was awful." said Roxanne Jett, 63, a cancer survivor. "Especially since my cancer surgery."

Jett had her home moved into the Meadowbrook park, but didn't have extra money to get air conditioning. Management at the park reached out to the York Police

Department, who reached out on their FaceBook page. Soon kind-hearted strangers rallied up relief for Roxanne.

"It's community policing. We like to get the community involved. It's a mutual effort. We can't do anything without them." said York Police Chief Andy Robinson.

Robinson and another officer installed two AC units into the home. Robinson says he was sweating.

"Extremely. It was just so hot putting the air conditioner in. I don't know how she was staying in that trailer, as hot as it's been the last several days."

Jett says she has no way to repay the officers, but plans to pray for them every night .

"I'm so appreciative of what they have done."