CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- One of the hottest things to come around this year, a Hatchimal. Walmart has them for $48.88, and the Nintendo classic edition for $59.99. In a moment, I’ll tell you the best way to actually get these since they’re flying off shelves.

But first, some of the best deals you’ll see out there, both in store and online.

You can get a 49” Toshiba 4k HDTV with built-in streaming, for $199.00 at Best Buy-- but, it's in-store only.

If you’re looking for a new cell, Samsung is trying to bounce back and has their Galaxy S-7 with activation and a $250 gift card, that deal is at Target.

If you want a good quality drone, Walmart has the DJI Phantom 3 standard edition for $369, that’s the cheapest price we found.

The Amazon Echo is all the rage among techies, a Siri-like device for music, weather, really anything you want! Amazon has it online for $139.99.

Still in tech, Target has an Apple Watch series 1 for $198.00.

Back to the Hatchimals and Nintendo classic: The best way to get one for a reasonable price is to devote the time and go in store. Talk to the employees, find out when new deliveries are expected. You can even get notified of new shipments through their store apps downloaded to your phone, but you have to be ready to pounce.

Do you need to be up early and be part of that rush late Thursday or on Black Friday? Nope! Most stores tell me they trickle these products out throughout the day and the weekend, so not finding one on the first try doesn’t mean you won’t on the next visit. Timing is everything.

And then there is Cyber Monday, let’s face it, most of us will be on our computers, phones and iPad. Websites will be crowded, so be prepared. The busiest time on cyber Monday is usually 10 p.m. and on black Friday, online is busiest at 11 a.m., so avoid those hours to avoid crashes and lockouts.

A few more tips? Have your list handy, your credit card out, be organized and be sure to snip or screen shot receipts. Verify what site you’re on, make sure it’s the real store, and take some notes on what will be shipped when. Also, be wary of deals that sound too good to be true.