CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After finishing that Thanksgiving meal, many will head out to begin their Black Friday shopping.

This year retailers struggling to compete with online sales have a new strategy to get customers in the door saying we can save even more.

164 million Americans are expected to head out and get online to find discounts over the holiday weekend. But as shoppers are saying they'd rather stay at home and spend money online, retailers are rolling out dramatic discounts to those who show up in person. Here are some of the in-store incentives:

- JC Penney is giving away $500 coupons for purchases of $500 or more. $100 coupons for purchases of $100 or more.

- Macy's is offering in-store shoppers a mail-in rebate to get 10 times free items.

- Target is granting early access to Black Friday deals to those who come inside.