CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is expecting tomorrow will be the heaviest travel day of the long Fourth of July weekend.

The TSA predicts 31,110 passengers would be screened before midnight tonight and tomorrow that number is projected to grow to 32,490 passengers.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and the TSA won't discuss the specifics of their security plan. But in the terminal, some of it is very visible.

CMPD officers are patrolling while openly carrying high-powered assault style weapons.

TSA dogs are also being at security check points. Most passengers say they welcome it.

Debbie Aten said as she was waiting in line, "I think security is adequate. They wouldn't let me go through with anything, not even a single bracelet."

Another passenger, Dan Coons, said, "The security lines are a little long but I fly every week and I feel safe."

The airport says you should allow plenty of time even for domestic flight and suggests those who don't fly on a regular bases to check the TSA rules on line for what can and can't be brought on board.