CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Tis' the season for holiday travel. For those flying the friendly skies, officials are expecting more than two million people a day to cram into airports nationwide.

"I don't want to sleep on the floor or on a cot next to somebody snoring," one passenger said.

So how do you avoid the holiday blues?

Rule number one: Get to the airport early. If you're flying to another state, arrive two hours early and if you're headed out of the country arrive to the airport three hours early.

Another good tidbit, which we all are guilty of doing, go for the cheap flights. According to experts, it'll help you out the day of departure.

"The best flights for performance tend to actually be the ones that are lease expensive," a flight expert told NBC Charlotte.

The cheaper the flights are more reliable... because they usually leave earlier.

- At 6 a.m., 88% of flights leave on time.

- at 9 p.m., only 62% of flights leave on time.

And if you're hitting the roadways the same rules apply.

"Plan ahead... try to make sure you're getting out the door early in the morning if possible," said Tamara Johnson with AAA. "And if you can travel on the holiday, that would be even be better for travelers."

AAA estimates nearly nine out of 10 Thanksgiving travelers will do so by car. Although, gas prices are the highest since Thanksgiving 2014. AAA is expecting a record number of Americans to hit the road and those travelers will do so Tuesday.