Inside a tiny kitchen on a remote base far from home, it's time to chop, stir and roast 120 lbs of turkey for 150 hungry mouths.

U.S. Troops on Camp Swift are celebrating Thanksgiving far from home.

It's a big day at the camp, roughly 50-miles south of Mosul and nearly 6,000 miles from home. Although they are far from home, their minds are not as their thoughts are with their families.

"Definitely miss my family," said Private Jordan White who is currently on his first deployment. "I sacrifice so others can be with their families."

Baltimore native, Lietenant Peter Chun, enjoyed some downtime before the big meal saying, "I can't wait to FaceTime with my family back home."

Battle Captain Katrina Fedd has been at the camp for eight months. Fedd's 10-year-old back home is counting down the days to her return.

"He sent me a message this morning and he said Happy Thanksgiving, love you and I miss you," Fedd said. "And then he had a hashtag 48 days on it."