CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- They make noise, run on batteries, and most have multi-colored lights. It's little wonder why drones often make wish lists for the holiday season, but the Federal Aviation Administration wants everyone to know that becoming a drone pilot also comes with responsibility.

Specifically, drone pilots are required to register with the FAA if their drone weighs roughly a pound or more.

"More than 600,000 have registered," said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta recently in a YouTube post. "As we head into the holiday season industry forecasts suggest there will be a lot of drones given as gifts. That means lots of new flyers and a lot of new pilots. We're confident registration will continue to help everyone stay informed and recognize that safety is everyone's business."

The FAA has all the rules on their webpage including the biggest: flights near the airport are not allowed without contacting the tower first, and flying at night is prohibited.

To visit the registry and to learn the rules, visit