LANCASTER, S.C. – A woman retiring from work at Guantanamo Bay has a small army of volunteers helping her bring her cats with her as she retires to Lancaster.

Activists estimate there are upwards of 500 cats on base. While there, Ruby made it her mission to help care for them. She raised and rehabbed some of them, got them spayed and neutered and made sure they had veterinary care. She doesn’t want to leave them behind, but it’s expensive and complicated to get the animals to her new home.

That’s where Operation Git-Meow comes in. The group is made up of troops, civilians, and activists with connections to SPCA International. It started to help take care of the cats at Guantanamo. They’re still seeking their non-profit status. Through volunteers, fundraising and help from the nonprofit Pilots N Paws, they’ve managed to get a special exception from the navy for a private plane to land and bring 28 cats to their new home.

Ruby says her new home has plenty of room to accommodate the cats. That flight is happening on May 14.

You can help out by donating to the GoFundMe page that Ruby has set up. So far it’s raised more than $4,000.