CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Being in the hospital isn’t normally fun, but for the kids at Levine Children’s Hospital, Thursday was a very special day.

If you had your eyes toward the sky, you may have seen the crew, scaling the walls. Batman, Superman, the Hulk, and Ironman. Window washers in costume, all to put smiles on these little faces.

“When you’re here for so many days, something like this just makes the days go by faster,” one mom says.

Five-year-old Bryson is waiting for a new heart and has been at Levine for six months. This surprise made that wait seem a bit less stressful.

“He was really excited,” his mom said. “He didn’t know what to think. Just a big old grin on his face.”

Four-year-old Wren has leukemia. Her mom says the surprise means the world, but her daughter deserves a superhero cape.

“Wren’s a way bigger hero to me than superman,” her mom said. “I mean, yeah that’s really cool, but she doesn’t complain. She’s the easiest thing, just happy all the time, so I think if anybody’s a real hero it’s always gonna be Wren, and I’m very lucky to be her mom.”