YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- A York County woman says she is out of thousands of dollars after receiving a bad check from a customer on Facebook Market Place.

Katie Ashe advertised a $500 dishwasher on Facebook Market Place. Moments later a customer offered to pay $2,050 if she held the item for a week.

“I went and put it in Family Trust on Friday,” said Ashe. “On the 16th is when I found out it was delinquent.”

The bank immediately pulled the money out of Ashe’s account, leaving her in a $5,000 debt.

“My insurance has bounced, my insurance has bounced, my checking account has bounced," Ashe said. "My power bill has bounced it’s all bounced. Our business is at a halt.”

In York County, the solicitors’ office has a bad check unit, the team is in charge of tracking down customers committing fraud.

Maria Cabrera heads the unit, she says what Katie is experiencing is common.

I have thousands of cases pending right now of bad checks,” said Cabrera. “We will go prosecute the person who issued the bad check. “

So when it comes to online sales, Cabrera suggest you never accept personal checks.

“Do a money order or cashier check. That is just like cash. Not where you are taking a check and taking someone’s word that it’s there.”

In South Carolina, the penalty for writing a bad check could be anywhere between 30 days to several years in prison.