CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The city of Charlotte is hoping a new branding effort will help draw business and visitors to the Queen City.

As every queen must have a crown, the somewhat familiar symbol of a crown will be incorporated into the new city logo.

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The crown symbol is already in use on the city’s rollout trash cans and on some city street signs.

The crown symbol made a debut of sorts Wednesday at the opening of the National League of Cities convention where it is part of the logo.

The League vigorously supported Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance that led the legislature to pass House Bill 2.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts says the city’s image reflects diversity and inclusiveness.

“People around the country recognize that Charlotte stood up for that,” Roberts said.

The city is loaning the crown symbol for 10 years to the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority.

The Authority is paying a local design firm $25,000 to incorporate the crown into new logos.

Gone soon will be the old city slogan, "Charlotte’s got a lot,” that really never caught on.

City Council member James Mitchell said of the old slogan, “Charlotte does have a lot but the challenge for us was to simplify that and really talk about Charlotte in this new brand that we hope will capture that in a short succinct way.”

The formal unveiling of the new logos with the crown will come next February.