CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Everywhere you look around Charlotte, you're likely to see some new construction.

It's a housing hotspot with no signs of slowing down. The latest ranking from puts the Queen City at number seven nationwide when it comes to sales and price growth.

"You've got tremendous economic growth, there are jobs being added to the market and home prices still remain relatively affordable when you compare it to some of the other places in the south and northeast," said Javier Vivas, the Director of Economic Research for

Local real estate agent Bobby Sisk said those looking to find a home with a cheaper price point will continue to struggle.

"I think it's going to be most difficult in the price points below $300,000," said Sisk. "Those are the ones right now that I call the wild wild west, where people are lining up to see them."

Sisk also said another issue we've seen is that there's just not enough inventory for the number of people moving here, but he expects that to start improving.

"If you drive around, especially in some of the close in neighborhoods, those houses are new construction," said Sisk. "Those houses are going to be ready next year and that's adding another layer of inventory that we haven't had before."

Right now appears to be the time to act. Vivas said buyers can expect prices to rise as we head into the new year, but that should eventually level off.