CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With an eleventh death now linked to a Takata air bag, the folks at AAA are telling drivers if they have a car with these airbags, they need to take it in as soon as possible.

"There are tons of recalls that happen all the time and people get them in the mail and don't pay attention to them," said Tiffany Wright with AAA Carolinas. "This one? It could mean life or death."

Wright says it should be clear to all drivers by now that having these Takata airbags in their cars puts them at risk.

"We do know airbags save more lives than they take away, so we aren't telling people to run out and take their airbags out," Wright said. "But if your vehicle is on that recall list you don't need to waste any time."

The airbags malfunction whenever they inflate too quickly and the metal interior busts. It shoots pieces of metal out and has proven to be deadly.

Wright says everyone should be checking to see if their vehicle is part of the recall, and if it is, make the effort to send it in.

"How do you measure a life?" Wright said. "When folks say, 'I don't have the time,' I mean, we've seen what's happened across the country."

This is now the largest auto recall in U.S. history.