CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Governor Pat McCrory issued an executive order Wednesday in an effort to keep the fuel flowing after the pipeline that supplies the Carolinas exploded.

The explosion on Halloween killed one, injured four, and caused instant disruptions in full supplies east of the Mississippi.

That pipeline is the same one that posed problems at the pumps in the Carolinas back in September. Low supply and high panic led to widespread shortages at gas stations across the Carolinas.

McCrory says he is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening again.

“I am continuing to work with our emergency management team to closely monitor the situation in Alabama," said Governor McCrory. “I will continue to take every measure that is needed to minimize the impact of this disruption on North Carolina.”

The Governor waived certain state requirements to allow tanker trucks from outside the state to move more gasoline supplies into North Carolina. He also restricted non-essential state travel.

He says, despite his efforts, prices will increase.

“I do need to warn that there are some price increases due to additional shipping costs to get need fuel to many states impacted by this pipeline disruption,” McCrory says.

He is encouraging drivers to continue their normal spending habits, and be conservative in their driving if possible.