CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The next time somebody shows up at your door selling cookies, pizza, popcorn or any other treat, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say be warned: they may be selling a not-so-sweet surprise.

Police officers issued a warning Tuesday about scammers targeting unsuspecting neighbors.

According to police, children showed up at the door claiming to be selling baked goods for a school fundraiser.

Some families wrote checks, some paid in cash, under the promise of receiving the purchased items within a few weeks. According to police, the food was never delivered, the cash was spent, and the checks were cashed.

At least five families are believed to have fallen victim of the scam.

CMPD is advising people to check out the legitimacy of an organization before making a donation or a door-to-door purchase. They also cautioned that you should not pay in cash, nor should you make out a check directly to an individual.

If you believe you fell victim to this scam, CMPD wants to hear from you.