CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's the only day of the year you can buy an Alexa, facial cleanser, and hoverboard at discount prices.

Happy Cyber Monday!

The increase in shopping is great for the big brands but in the wise words of The Notorious B.I.G., "mo' money, mo' problems," as cyber scams are on the rise.

Tishin Donkersley, the managing editor of Tech.Co., offered three tips to cyber-consumers looking to safely spend on Monday.

1. Stay away from buying while on public WiFi. "People say, 'I want to go to Starbucks and have a cup of coffee and I want to shop, no, no, no, no,'" said Donkersley.
2. Never click on the pop-up icons or in this, coupons. About 60 to 68 percent of the world's websites carry malicious software that can create remote access into your device. Scammers who know you are eager to get the best deal may send you phishing emails that look just like your favorite shopping site.
3. Wipe your electronic device clean of all your personal or banking information. Take an extra measure by factory resetting your phone/tablet/computer after deleting your bank information.

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