CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Duke Energy says some 370,000 customers may have had some of their personal information compromised after a vendor that processes payments made to Duke at walk-in stores was apparently hacked.

That company, TIO Networks, was taken over by PayPal last summer. In all, Paypal says 1.6 million people who used their system to pay bills for other companies were apparently compromised.

The 370,000 Duke Energy customers are included in that number. According to Duke, this only affects people who paid their bills at a walk-in location.

Duke says the information that may have been compromised includes, names, addresses, Duke account numbers and possibly some banking information if a person paid with a check.

Guinain Masengo has used walk-in stores to pay bills and says he is worried.

“If my personal information is put out so anybody can know my information, I’m not feeling secure,” he said.

The manager of a shop on Albemarle Road that accepts payments for Duke said the system was shut down for the last couple of weeks.

He would not give his name but said three people had to be turned away today when they wanted to pay their Duke bills.

“I hate to see people have problems with their bills because these are hardworking people trying to make these payments. Now, unfortunately, the system is down," he said.

PayPal plans to send letters to people whose information may have been compromised, promising a year’s worth of free credit monitoring.