CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you see rental trucks like U-Haul and Penske in your neighborhood this month, it’s because of package delivery overload.

Record-breaking shipments are expected this holiday season and are putting 95,000 people to work and forcing delivery companies to get creative to make sure packages reach their destination.

When you think delivery, you think mail truck, UPS, or FedEx. After all, they are the industry staples we all recognize. But in 2017, record online sales are stretching these companies to the max, UPS alone is expected to push out 750 million packages this holiday season, that’s up seven percent over last year.

“We are swamped, swamped with packages” one UPS access point person told NBC Charlotte.

NBC Charlotte checked with U-Haul this morning and confirmed a lot of their trucks are being rented for package delivery. Expect the same from other truck rental companies, too. It may be a bit unsettling to look out the window and see people who aren’t dressed like official delivery people in official company-marked trucks as it was last week for a woman in Mecklenburg County who took a picture. But, we can assure you, it’s on the up and up.

It makes sense when you consider the volume, UPS says 30 million packages will be shipped a day for the next 17 days before Christmas. The post office will be shipping 850 million packages and 16 billion pieces of mail.

The only one out doing them all is likely wearing a red suit.