Two local men were called to action, and saved a man's life, all by chance.

It was just after midnight, when Josh Stevens and Andrew Sherwin were driving on highway I-170 when they saw a car suddenly swerve off the road. Without thinking, they went into action. Now, they are being called heroes.

Pitch black and no car in sight, Josh Stevens and Andrew Sherwin, both from St. Louis, had to rely on blind faith.

"It was instinctual panic, Sherwin said. “It was I want to help, but what if I can't.”

Stevens and Sherwin were driving back from a week-long trip in Texas. When out of nowhere, Stevens caught a glance of a car's headlights and it flying off the road. Moments later... nothing.

"When we pulled over, when you look down this hill and down this creek, you couldn't see a car," said Stevens.

But, they did hear someone yelling help, screaming I'm about to drown.

''Water was coming in the car and he was fearing for his life and panicking," Sherwin said.

"He said yes I'm drowning, I'm about to die," Stevens added.

With someone's life on the line, Stevens and Sherwin knew they could not wait on first responders.

"When you hear him start saying, I'm going to die, I'm going to drown. Adrenaline start going,” Stevens said. “Andrew was in front of me, I start pushing him, saying we need to get down there.”

When they finally reached him, he was clearly in pain. The seat belt was suffocating him. Andrew got it unbuckled and they helped the man, named Don, get out.

"In a creek, water up to your mouth, he said it himself he had to push himself up just to catch a breath and thank god he could,” Sherwin said.

The three men shared a warm embrace, as one man was grateful to be alive and the others just fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.

"I felt the gratitude and the relief pouring over me from Don, " Sherwin said.

"In the end,” Stevens said. “Me and Andrew were doing what we feel anybody should do,"

Bel-Ridge Police were on the scene Friday afternoon and said the car had rear end damage. Police said it was possibly run off the road. There’s no further information on the crash.

As for the two men, they talked to Don on the phone and they plan on having lunch soon.

Three men will now share a moment they will never forget.