Aaron Hernandez found dead in cell

Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his cell in a Massachusetts prison Wednesday morning after hanging himself with a bed sheet, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections says.

The Mass. Department of Corrections says Hernandez attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming it with various items.

Hernandez was discovered by corrections officers around 3 a.m. He was pronounced dead around 4 a.m. Click here for full story.

Huge asteroid to zip 'near' Earth

Calling all space junkies! On Wednesday, Earth will get a 'near miss' from an asteroid larger than the Rose Bowl, which will safely zip by us at a distance of some 1.1 million miles.

It's the closest an asteroid has come to Earth for at least the past 400 years and will be its closest approach for at least the next 500 years. 

Have a telescope? Experts say the flyby should be visible with an amateur telescope. Click here to find out when's the best time to catch a glimpse. Click here for more VERIFIED asteroid facts.

Huntersville Police pushing CMPD for change

Fed up with what they say are slow response times from CMPD, Huntersville Police are looking to take action. 

Since 1996, CMPD has been responsible for policing the areas outside Huntersville city limits but still in Mecklenburg County. But Huntersville Police say their families and residents are not receiving the assistance they need quickly enough. 

In a meeting last night, the Huntersville Police Chief took the stand to voice his concern. Listen to what he said by clicking here.

Walmart debuting online ordering discounts

Fighting back against Amazon and other online sellers, Walmart will begin to offer discounts on thousands of items ordered online Wednesday if shoppers pick them up at their nearest store.

The discounts are available exclusively online for roughly 10,000 items ranging from car seats to televisions. The selection will grow to more than 1 million items by the end of June, Walmart says. For more info, click here.

VERIFY: Alleged Facebook killer was headed to Charlotte

A 'fake news' article claiming Cleveland Facebook killer suspect Steve Stephens was heading toward Charlotte made the rounds on social media Tuesday. 

But turns out, it came from a website that allows people to create fake articles to prank friends. For the VERIFIED facts on this story, click here.