1. Local school takes steps toward drug testing student athletes, drivers

The Rock Hill School District is taking the next step towards drug testing student athletes and now student drivers.

A lot of parents say the drug test may be a good idea -- as studies show, more kids smoke pot than cigarettes -- but the American Civil Liberties Union says it violates the students' Fourth Amendment rights.

But the numbers don't lie. According to Recovery Village, more than 35 percent of 12th graders have smoked pot this year.

Danielle Center with Keystone Abuse Services has helped implement the drug testing policy in surrounding areas like Clover, S.C.

"We're seeing people go into a state of psychosis," Center said. "We're seeing higher addiction rates. We're seeing problems with the brain."

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2. Panthers activate Greg Olsen, 'likely' to start against Jets

Panthers star Greg Olsen is expected to be back on the field against the New York Jets Sunday.

The Carolina Panthers activated Olsen from injured reserve Friday afternoon after missing the last eight games with a broken foot.

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3. Tree shortage may drive up Christmas tree prices

Families all over are in pursuit of that perfect Christmas tree to light up their living rooms this holiday season.

And this year, you're encouraged to get your hands on one early because of a tree shortage.

“It is from years ago when we were in a recession,” said Norman Darrell Simpson Jr., owner of Darrell Simpson Family Trees.

The reason: many farmers sold their lots during the recession and tree fertilizer has also gotten more expensive.

Frasier furs are now in high demand.

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4. CATS to request additional $24 million for Blue Line extension

The new light rail Blue Line Extension project that is going to be at least seven months late, now needs a multi-million dollar infusion of taxpayer cash.

At Monday night's meeting of the Charlotte City Council, the Charlotte Area Transit System will be asking for $24.75 million to pay claims submitted by two of the main contractors, Balfour Beatty and Blythe Development.

When asked about the money, some taxpayers like Alexis Turner were not happy.

"I think that is absolutely ridiculous, " she said. "I don't know how they would not know this before they started the project," she said.

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5. Militants attack worshippers in Egyptian mosque, killing at least 305

In the deadliest-ever attack by Islamic extremists in Egypt, militants assaulted a crowded mosque Friday during prayers, blasting helpless worshippers with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades and blocking their escape routes.

Egypt's chief prosecutor says in a statement that the attack on a Sinai mosque has killed 305 people, including 27 children.

In a statement Saturday, Nabil Sadeq says the attack a day earlier also left 128 people wounded.

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