1. Black Friday guide: Best deals and what not to buy

Ready, set, shop! A number of retailers are offering holiday shopping deals for weeks -- but Black Friday should still be the busiest shopping day of Thanksgiving weekend, according to the National Retail Federation.

But Matt Granite says there is absolutely no need to line up and ruin your Thanksgiving - the vast majority of the best Black Friday offerings are available online. Many of these deals are also available at lower prices online too!

Today you can shop with no crowds and no mayhem. Click here for Matt Granite's FULL list of the best Black Friday deals.

2. Safety tips for shoppers on Black Friday

The shopping rush is on. From Concord Mills to South Park Mall, shoppers are hitting stores for those Black Friday deals. NBC Charlotte is looking at how you can stay safe as crowds battle for the best deals. Shoppers are hitting stores for Thanksgiving Day deals and then Black Friday bargains. However, in the past we’ve seen how Black Friday crowds can lead to bad behavior.

NBC Charlotte is talking to law enforcement about how you can make your shopping experience a safe one. Authorities say remember no sale is worth your safety. From screaming to shoving and stomping, we’ve seen it all before in past Black Friday’s.

“Definitely need to be aware of all your surroundings,” says shopper, April Stone-Mills.

The website, blackfridaydeathcount.com, tracks people who’ve been injured or killed around Black Friday by linking to news articles. NBC Charlotte talked to shoppers who’ve tried to avoid certain spots because of the potential danger. Click here for full article.

3. Local foster kids & refugees get a 'Thanksgiving they'll never forget'

When you ask a bunch of kids "What are you thankful for?" the answers can range from A-Z.

"Jesus," responds one girl. "Marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes," replies another.

"We get to have fun and play," says another little girl. Thanksgiving is a day meant for family and just because these kids don't have one right now, doesn't mean they aren't loved. Even though it's closed to the public for the holiday, Chris and Nicole Fasulka opened up their adventure park, "Urban Air" to give foster kids and refugees a Thanksgiving they will never forget.

"We have been very fortunate in our lives and we just wanted to give something back," said Fasulka, who opened the popular kids' spot in Mint Hill back in May. Click here for more.

4. Leftovers: Recipe and storage tips

Let’s face it: Leftovers are as much a part of Thanksgiving as the meal itself. In fact, when it comes to buying turkey, many cooks factor in how much to buy based on having enough leftovers. (And the price was right this year: A 16-pound turkey that feeds 10 people with plenty of leftovers set you back $22.38 — a 36-cent-per-pound savings compared with last year.) That said, do yourself a favor and store your leftovers properly. If it was left out for more than two hours, toss it. Use up cooked turkey within three days or freeze it. When warming things up, if you want to go beyond tetrazzini or turkey sammies, here are three stellar recipes.

5. Man injured after officer-involved shooting in Rock Hill

Rock Hill Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that injured one man on Thursday afternoon. According to police, the incident happened on the 500 block of Hutchinson Street in Rock Hill around 4 p.m.. Police were alerted that a 30-year-old white man was standing on his front porch with a gun.

The man had a mental health pick-up order on him. Upon arriving at the scene, police tried to talk down the subject but he pointed his gun at police and fled back into the house.

SWAT, negotiators, and support personnel then responded to the scene. Negotiators made numerous attempts to get the subject to come out without any weapons. He refused to cooperate. Click here to continue reading.