We're headed into high school graduation season and for some graduates, a big gift their parents might get them could do more harm than good.

The walk to get the diploma often leads to a first car, usually a used one. But according to new research, often the wrong one.

"Teen drivers are the riskiest drivers on the road and unfortunately, our research shows they are often driving some of the less safe vehicles in the market," IIHS VP of Research David Zuby says.

Zuby says cars in general have gotten safer over the years and that's trickled down to the used car market. While other safety experts are focusing on teenage conduct when behind the wheel.

"Limiting the number of passengers is a life-saver," says Deborah Hersman, the President of the National Safety Council. "It's better for teens to drive three teens in three separate cars than putting all three of them in one car with a new driver."

Hersman says it's most important for parents to remain engaged with their teenage driver.

"Drive with your teen, ride with them... even after they get their license because they're still inexperienced and they still need you to coach them."

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