Monday was filled with surprising testimony as a teen and a young woman who claim they either had sex or sexually communicated with Ross Harris along with friends and former co-workers took the stand.

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Harris is facing several charges, including felony murder and malice murder, in the June 2014 death of his son Cooper. Prosecutors allege Harris intentionally left the 22-month-old child strapped in the backseat of his SUV. Harris claims it was a tragic accident.

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One of the first witnesses the jury heard from was a minor Harris met over the Whisper app. The underage girl talked about how the two sexted and sent explicit photos to each other. Her testimony was not recorded due to her age and the nature of her testimony.

Witness: Ross Harris also 'had relations' with a man on vacation

Another young woman Harris met through the Whisper app, Jacqueline Robledo, also testified. After stating that she had sex with Harris in his apartment, she claimed Harris told her he also had sexual relations with a man while on vacation in 2014.

The most shocking testimony however did not come until the end of the day when Harris’ former coworker, Alex Hall, testified that he was the one that sent Harris the “childfree” link within Reddit. After a few seconds of opening the link, Harris replied “grossness” according to defense attorney Maddox Kilgore.

For two years, the prosecution has argued that Harris searched this term along with others associated with hot car deaths. Furthermore, last week a detective testified Harris had manually searched “childfree” on his laptop.

The jury anticipates to hear testimony from the lead detective who claimed, under oath, Harris searched a 'childfree' website.

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