CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Black Friday frenzy is finally over. Thousands of people jumped on door-buster deals to kick off the holiday shopping season.

"We've been waiting for this all year long," said Sherri Chisolm-Whiteside, a Northlake Mall spokesperson. "This is our Super Bowl."

Black Friday is a win-win. Hundreds flooded area malls and outlets to bargain shop. From Northlake to Carolina Place Mall and even the Charlotte Premium Outlets, door buster deals were ripe for the picking.

"I got some Victoria's Secret, Forever 21 and H&M," said Tanica Akum, a Black Friday shopper.

For some people it was literally shop until you drop.

"I think I'm tired feet hurt did a lot of walking today," said Emily Wheeler, a Black Friday shopper.

Shops and stores weren't the only places getting action. Shoppers worked up quite the appetite while cashing in on all those steals. The food court at the Northlake Mall had some of the longest lines of the day.

Among the Black Friday fanatics was a blanket of security. Since last year's Christmas Eve shooting at Northlake Mall, there have been at least two others shootings at or near the mall including one on Labor Day.

"There's security everywhere," said Akum. "Every time I turn around there security behind me."