AUSTRALIA -- A mother's blog post in Australia has gone viral after she posted a photo of her son's class picture that was retouched by the school's photo company.

Angela Pickett posted a photo of her 8-year-old son's toothless grin to her blog. Right next to it she posted a photo the school had taken.

Pickett said at first she thought maybe they had given her last year's photo, but then she looked closer.

"His mouth had been photo-shopped with what looked like last year’s baby teeth swapped in," Pickett wrote in the blog.

The mom says she was baffled.

"Surely we have lost the plot when we start photoshopping an 8 year old’s gappy grin," Angela Pickett wrote in her blog post.

Her blog post has gone viral and captured the attention of media outlets in the UK, Finland, Belgium and the United States. Pickett told TODAY Parents that the company, which she has chosen not to name, has since apologized and offered reprints of the photos with her son's true smile.

"Our kids are growing up with so much technology that for them that perhaps we do have to remind them (and ourselves) of the importance of imperfect authentic photos and memories – gappy teeth and all," Pickett wrote.